Behind the screens


Widbook is a digital collaborative community where you can read, write and publish ebooks for free in an innovative and modern environment. If you love books, this is the right place for you. Whether you’re an indie or established author, a reader, journalist, teacher or a novice, we invite you to join us, get connected with people from all over the world and uncover a new way to write and discover many books to read!

Our mission

Our mission is to enable people to share stories and improve the writing and reading experience of ebooks.


Most of our cool “kids” are based in Sao Paulo where a lot of the magic happens. Another part of the team is in San Francisco - CA to spread the word about the hard work made in Brazil and partner up with amazing people and startups.

Flávio Aguiar
André Campelo
Joseph Bregeiro
Guilherme Damiani
Breno Spadotto
Anderson Araújo
Alexandre Ito
Willianson Araújo
Renato Koyama
Gabriela Loschi
Flávia Ferraro
Lorena Berini
Flávia Frossard
Bianka Kleinfelder

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Our name

Our name reflects the evolution of the writing process and how the digital world ensures easy access and sharing of new stories.  We chose to use the word, WIDGET (standalone application that allows users to turn personal content into apps that can be shared) to work closely with the word, BOOK.  The combination of these two words represents the extension of the traditional publishing market into the web and through devices.