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  • A. Sines

    A. Sines

    I welcome any and all comments, thoughts, questions, criticisms. Feel free to tell me how much you don't like, are confused by, or truly love anything I've shared here. And I am one that actually wants grammatical corrections. Out of respect for my readers, I strive to create something I can be proud of, something everyone will want to read and something that does not have "...but for a few editing errors..." in the review. Don't forget to vote/rate!

  • Adam Sigrist

    Adam Sigrist

    I am the author of "First Light" (Fable Press) and "Hero." "Hero" is currently being adapted into a comic. You can find the full story that inspired the project here, and finished, full-colour pages on my website. www.adamsigrist.com/hero.html

  • Alex Pilalis

    Alex Pilalis

  • Alex Ford

    Alex Ford

    Alex Ford was born in Cambridge in 1975. After teaching Design & Technology at a secondary school in England, he decided to pack away his corduroy trousers and tweed jacket and travel the world. While living in Tokyo, Japan, he wrote his first novel The Friend Request - a Facebook-based thriller. Now, in his eighth year away from the UK - much of it spent teaching ESL in S.E.Asia - Alex Ford has returned to Europe and is currently living in Berlin, working on his fourth book.

  • Alexandria Moore

    Alexandria Moore

    redheaded with a fear of making eye contact a deep appreciation of punk rock music and a love of space and stars. //

  • American Peanut

    American Peanut

    Hello and welcome to my profile! I see you have come here expecting an American Peanut. But I'm sad to tell you I'm a goat, living the life of a human. Now you probably think I'm 10. Crud. Well, you're mistaken. I'm much much older than that. I hope you'll be able to tell by the quality of my stories. :) That reminds me, feel free to leave feedback on what you think! There should be stories up very soon.

  • Bel Watson

    Bel Watson

    24-year-old girl, whovian, anglophile, tribute, fangirl, Pesquetarian and cat lover. Updates of my books every weekend! Visit my blog: http://belwatson.tumblr.com

  • Chaiene Santos

    Chaiene Santos

    Meu nome é Chaiene Santos. Escritor brasileiro independente, cirurgião-dentista, que gosta de escrever e ler. Um dos Embaixadores Wattpad; nascido na região serrana do Estado do Rio de Janeiro na cidade de Nova Friburgo.

  • Charley


    I am twenty years of age and I love to read and write!

  • Christine Robitaille

    Christine Robitaille

    Twitter: @iwritewordsalot Instagram: Christine_Robitaille Check out my youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/11MakeMeBeautiful11