Who has Everlasting on the Collection

  • Samantha Whitley

    Samantha Whitley

  • Arianna Stevens

    Arianna Stevens

  • alexa raisch

    alexa raisch

  • Venice Sparks

    Venice Sparks

    Hello, everyone! Thank you so much if you take your time and read my books. Cold coffee, sit on the balcony, listen to Ed Sheeran and enjoy my books.

  • Juliana Rios

    Juliana Rios

    RJ-Brasil. 23 anos. Astronauta de Palavras, Voceniana, Escritora aposentada pelo INSS, Técnica de Enfermagem. Pensa que sabe escrever ficção. Obs: Quase todas as informações são reais. / RJ-Brazil. 22 years-old. Astronaut of Words, Member of an Institute named "Você" (tl: "You"), Retired Writer, Nurse. Think that knows how to write fiction. Ps: Almost all the informations are real.