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  • flukers


    I am a very outgoing person. And when I say outgoing I mean it. I may be a little, Ha little, strange at times. I am a total nerd, especially when it comes to books. I hate matching clothes. I LOVE CHEETAHS! My favorite food in the world is STEAK!!!!!!! I could eat it everyday. I love animals and helping out people. Follow me, Ill follow you. But if u follow me just to get more followers, I will hunt you down and chop you in a million pieces!! MWAHAHAHA!! I also have a profile at wattpad.com

  • Guto


    Analist C# Junior at Widbook.com

  • jagadeesh krishnan

    jagadeesh krishnan

    i am jagadeesh krishnan pursuing PhD Psychology, trainer of the yoga,Meditation,Tantra, Telepathic, Hypnosis Psychological counselor SHORT AUTHOR BIO: K.Jagadeesh is perusing the PhD Psychology,(M.Phil) psychology, M.A.Psychology ,M.A. Hindi, B.A.Tamil literature, (B.sc) maths,and FCT in NIFT Chennai, and also finished praveenuttrath(Hindi). Trainer of yoga and meditation, tantra more than 25 years. He is also successfully running his own psychological counseling center past several years,

  • Mickey Fester

    Mickey Fester

    Just a guy expressing himself. A lot of what i write will make no sense, but hey... I love doing it so I'll keep doing it

  • Mona Bajaj

    Mona Bajaj

  • Dipak Deshpande

    Dipak Deshpande

  • Gabriela Loschi

    Gabriela Loschi

    When I was studying and the teacher said: everybody brings books for the next class and we will exchange to read during the weekend, I was the person who was most excited about the date our class would become a place where every student had his or her own library.

  • David Webb

    David Webb

  • Ken Harwood

    Ken Harwood

  • Joy Prado

    Joy Prado