Who has A Garden of Graves on the Collection

  • Silence Kills

    Silence Kills

    "You can always find something beautiful in something destructive...And now I finally understand why I'm so fond of you."

  • fair maiden

    fair maiden

    Words are my plaything. But I never throw them away after I am done playing. Instead, I build blocks after blocks to see how far I can go without falling off the cliff. Welcome to my wordsWorld everyone.

  • Arathiya Pushpalingam

    Arathiya Pushpalingam

    certificates-National Safety Day-Essay competition (English medium)-First place in district level. Poetry competition of Tamil Language Day-First place in Provincial level

  • tinny modi

    tinny modi

  • Widbook


  • Gabriela Loschi

    Gabriela Loschi

    When I was studying and the teacher said: everybody brings books for the next class and we will exchange to read during the weekend, I was the person who was most excited about the date our class would become a place where every student had his or her own library.



    I am nothing but you can find every good thing in me! Yes, it is a complete joke and this is what I am , full of humour........and smiles.....my life is complete fun.....and I want to live every moment of my GREAT LOVELY LIFE.