Who has Adaleide in Ozghard on the Collection

  • Mansur mansuri

    Mansur mansuri

  • Tootsie Harvey Novels

    Tootsie Harvey Novels

  • Jonathan Broad

    Jonathan Broad

    Songwriter / Singer. Have written one sci-fi / fantasy novel, started a second, The Yang Principle.

  • Cliff Jones Jr.

    Cliff Jones Jr.

    I have a master's degree in linguistics, but I'm employed as a web developer. I've taught English in Japan, written instructional books on programming, developed animated interfaces for linguistic experiments, and managed a college writing center. My main literary focus so far has been sci-fi and fantasy. My favorite author has to be Philip K. Dick. I'm drawn toward abnormal psychology and alternative modes of communication, probably because I grew up with a severely autistic younger brother.