Who has Archer and Little Bear on the Collection

  • PandaJay14


    I love writing stories, reading books, listening to music and horses & everything that comes with them. I love my massive family and my beautiful little pets: Princess, Kai, Paxton, Loops, Panda, Jay, Jimmy, Misty, Jack, Honey, Kitty, Todd and Maria. Here are some of my weird little accounts so you can have a chat with me if you would like. wattpad: @PandaJay14 wattpad: @PrincessKaiJay14 (yes I have two wattpad accounts I know I'm weird) snapchat: @shakieract Facebook: @Shakiera Taylor



    I am nothing but you can find every good thing in me! Yes, it is a complete joke and this is what I am , full of humour........and smiles.....my life is complete fun.....and I want to live every moment of my GREAT LOVELY LIFE.