Who has Complicated on the Collection

  • Hali Halí

    Hali Halí

  • sha


    There is always a better way to do everything. Find the better way.

  • Shinta Mawarni

    Shinta Mawarni

    Hi! You all can call me Shinta! I'm a 14 from Cikarang (West of Java), Indonesia. Here I study how to be a good writer. So I'm sorry if my books not that good. ~ Let's write! ~



    I am nothing but you can find every good thing in me! Yes, it is a complete joke and this is what I am , full of humour........and smiles.....my life is complete fun.....and I want to live every moment of my GREAT LOVELY LIFE.

  • Kam Carr

    Kam Carr

    Hopelessly devoted to reading and writing :)

  • mandy


    hi my name is nichelle .i am also a champion swimer in trinidad , as am hear to enlarge my grammer and spelling that am not that go on. hope i will make friends.and to read some storys that u have write.i'm aming to be a police.

  • Tahir khaksar

    Tahir khaksar

  • Rbea


    i am pretty intriguing person....i love music, reading, writing poetry and have great interest in other creative stuff...!

  • garima


  • Ishita S.

    Ishita S.

    Hi there, I am Ishita and Aria is just a pen name. I fell in love with the name Aria, after watching PLL. Well, about me? I am just a teen and I want to write. I am probably not great as many.. but, I just wanna try writing. It has always been my passion.. poems, short stories and now novels. I will be glad if you guys check out my novels. I have so much to write and tell you through my writing. My writings are fictional and not my story. In everybook, my main lead of a girl has a name.. Aria