Who has Evolution of music on the Collection

  • sofinadia


  • Lumire Oh

    Lumire Oh

    Im Lumire Oh. Call me, Lumi. Im writers (amateur), dreamers, and readers.

  • Shelly Fw

    Shelly Fw

    DON'T follow me! I'm too dangerous. Follow my account. Mine is fabulous ^,^

  • AtikaAlison


    Nice to know you, girls!

  • Yohana Ekky

    Yohana Ekky

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxXtdqtnDA8 I love God, Jesus Christ. I'm from the background of a musician family, but I write more than sing. Hoho. I do my best here, in writing stories. Hope you enjoy it.

  • Meriana Chen

    Meriana Chen

    Membaca adalah hal yang tidak bisa saya lepaskan seumur hidup..Genre yang saya sukai : scific, misteri, romance, komedi..Kadang2 mencoba genre horor tapi tak berani membaca malam2.. ^_^ takut terbawa mimpi hahaha

  • Renata Rosario

    Renata Rosario

    Trivia:What does Romance and Roman Empire got in common? They both rely heavily on "slaves" and whimper audibly when facing barbarian raw, brutal force[end of trivia] An author that specializes in writing suspenseful stories, keeping your mind on edge on every page LOLM (laughing out loud maniacally) You can also find my works on http://www.kludia.com (a dedicated website with dialog switch feature)

  • elnartha


    i do love books and maybe that's why i don't have boyfriend untill now.