Who has Fly or Walk, It Does Not Matter/Volar o Caminar, No Importa on the Collection

  • amyr2719


    i am a person of reflection i show what you show. if you want to know more about me then try to contact me

  • flukers


    I am a very outgoing person. And when I say outgoing I mean it. I may be a little, Ha little, strange at times. I am a total nerd, especially when it comes to books. I hate matching clothes. I LOVE CHEETAHS! My favorite food in the world is STEAK!!!!!!! I could eat it everyday. I love animals and helping out people. Follow me, Ill follow you. But if u follow me just to get more followers, I will hunt you down and chop you in a million pieces!! MWAHAHAHA!! I also have a profile at wattpad.com

  • laavannia_03


  • Ana Marrero

    Ana Marrero

    Just an 21-year old girl that is overly obsess with reading and writing, with a dream of being one of New York Times bestseller.

  • fair maiden

    fair maiden

    Words are my plaything. But I never throw them away after I am done playing. Instead, I build blocks after blocks to see how far I can go without falling off the cliff. Welcome to my wordsWorld everyone.