Who has Last First Kiss on the Collection

  • alexa raisch

    alexa raisch

  • Edina Gonçalves Gonçalves

    Edina Gonçalves Gonçalves

  • june ramirez

    june ramirez

  • Honey Lawerence

    Honey Lawerence

  • Luepi J,M.

    Luepi J,M.

    Fck it off~

  • Pena Greene

    Pena Greene

    Professional fangirl on both 1D fandom and 5SOSfam Writing is my passion and I love to read too I also use Wattpad to write my fanfics, and if you wanna read them here's the link http://www.wattpad.com/user/cityoflunical

  • Nikki Miller

    Nikki Miller

    You follow me, I'll follow back. I have a Wattpad account and I don't like hate. You can give ideas to make it better but don't be mean.

  • Tinanina 993

    Tinanina 993

    My name is Tijana (the J is silent)! I'm 22, just a hopeless, artistic soul. Obviously, I have an insane obsession brought on by 5 incredibly idiotic young men, whom I will love until the day I die! You guessed it right! It's ONE DIRECTION! duh...:) There are so many fandoms I'm in, I can't list them all (and it's really frustrating). All in all, even though my body is getting older, my soul isn't and I have a feeling I will really be forever young. Just as it should be.

  • dawn wang

    dawn wang

  • Mudayu Prastiwi

    Mudayu Prastiwi