Who has Life Of A College Girl on the Collection

  • Ans Khan

    Ans Khan

  • Vaasvi Agarwal

    Vaasvi Agarwal

  • Lele mangham

    Lele mangham

  • spriha shrestha

    spriha shrestha

  • Kesha D. Ely

    Kesha D. Ely

    Writer,Pianist,Filmer. "One step at a time no matter how small." That's my motto. I've been writing since I was 8 or 9... Starting off, I was horrible at formatting, dialogue, and grammar. But I got the hang of it by observing my favorite books and learning from their unquie styles. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson was the book that strongly inspired me to get serious about writing. The layout is easy and great for beginners who struggle with full length chapters.

  • Samantha Whitley

    Samantha Whitley

  • Mohamed Kamal

    Mohamed Kamal

  • Lamiya Ibrahim

    Lamiya Ibrahim

    i am a free spirited person .i like to read and write books,listen to music,make DIYs and design dresses

  • chancy adams

    chancy adams

  • Ana crockett

    Ana crockett

    I am a young writer i try and do my best at every thing i get all honors and i love singing and running track and playing soccer when i write my books the things in my book is happening in my life and it be so cool something awesome may come but thats about me