Who has Little Shy Ariel on the Collection

  • doni bosseini

    doni bosseini

  • Becca Blanco

    Becca Blanco

  • BlackPirate28


  • Ana crockett

    Ana crockett

    I am a young writer i try and do my best at every thing i get all honors and i love singing and running track and playing soccer when i write my books the things in my book is happening in my life and it be so cool something awesome may come but thats about me

  • Valerie Louise McKay-Harvey

    Valerie Louise McKay-Harvey

  • MiteiNamae


    I am a very fickle minded person, but I have a passion for reading and writing, and that is the only thing that will never change. Though I don't write as often as I did before, I still try to write. I act younger than I should do. I really think that I'm a kid trapped inside a wrong vessel. I love Jpop and Kpop too. I am who I am, though I don't know who I really am, or who I should be. I am a very fickle minded person after all.

  • Maythury


  • Gabilish-Lei


    Soccer, writing, art, science, animals, Disney, books, school....

  • Lisa Strawberry

    Lisa Strawberry

  • Eirini Spen

    Eirini Spen