Who has Manicômio Celeste Para Damas Lunáticas on the Collection

  • Amanda Oliveira

    Amanda Oliveira

  • Ayala de Oliveira Melo

    Ayala de Oliveira Melo

    I'm a dreamer. I love writing and reading, one day I want live like a full writer and this is my biggest dream. I love mostly romantic fantasy writing, write a lot about shifters and really feel at ease when I do that. I'm always open to criticism and new readings, so be sure to talk with me! I am Brazilian and write in Portuguese and English. I have a facebook group, between you too: https://www.facebook.com/groups/232844530231536/ Be welcome =D

  • Giane Nunes

    Giane Nunes

  • Lady Salieri

    Lady Salieri

    Tem 30 anos bla bla bla, é mestre em teoria literária bla bla bla, tem essa mania insistente de escrever e bla bla bla, e vai continuar escrevendo apesar do que seja digno de "apesar", isso é o importante. Fim.

  • Nancy Scalertt

    Nancy Scalertt

  • Aline P.

    Aline P.

    I want a new life, one without a cause, so I'm coming home tonight, well, no matter what the cost and if the plane goes down and if the crew can't wake me up, well, just know that I'm alright and I was not afraid to die! (8

  • Ana Kaori

    Ana Kaori