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Men Cell suggests (9873540498) Perjury 340 crpc Perjury means fraud on court. If your wife lies before the court of law in order to get the divorce then you need to expose her lies before the court & thereby request the court to take suo moto cognizance against the petitioner wife. Similarly, perjury must be filed before the court of 498a, Domestic Violence, 125 crpc, hama, hindu marriage act and any other court where she misused the court procedures. However, if the matter in before the police & it has not reached the court i.e., stage after FIR & before Charge Sheet. At this stage, you need to present your proofs to the police headquarters with a request seeking directions to concerned thana/ police station to initiate action against your beloved wife for filing false case/s or false police complaint and thereby to present a report in your favor. Perjury is a powerful tool which helps you fight vehemently these false matrimonial complaints vis-a-vis false dowry complaints by disgruntled wives. If any help needed then please contact:- man cell delhi is available 24 hours at our permanent email id aturchatur(at)yahoo(dot)com moblie :- +91-9873540498 email:- web:- Pursuing Perjury Vehemently Dont sit like a Duck worrying what will happen. Do your work properly. Go to High court with an appeal u/s 341. I have noticed that some people who have failed in getting CRPC 340 admitted in the court against the opposite party because of people do not do proper homework and adv. represents half-heartedly and also not citing some key judgments of Apex court which have strong words against fraudsters. If we cite judgments and draft the petition properly and still if the court rejects it, we have fair chance to get it admitted in High Court or Supreme Court. Numerous times, Apex court has held that Unclean Hands, Falsehood, Suppression of material facts, False affidavits etc amount to fraud on court and fraud on opposite party. Fraud on court is a very serious offence. Discuss with your adv. and check if there is a possibility to file a contempt case against the judge or Criminal Defamation. Read the judgment posted in the below link. In Mahila Vinod Kumari vs State of M.P , Apex court has not spared even minor girl for giving false evidence in the court. Let us know what judgments did u cite in ur 340 petition. If you need some judgments relating to fraud on court, let me know. I have couple of them. I can share them with you. Tell everyone that she has played fraud with the court. It is she who should be losing hope and not you. Getup and start your fight. Mahatma Gandhi said, "IF YOU DON'T ASK, YOU DON'T GET" Atur Chatur says, "WHAT YOU WILL ASK, THAT YOU WILL GET" ONE SHORT ALLEGATION ONE SHORT ALLEGATION A Wife files false criminal case against husbands. It is very short without any arguments or citations or judgments. Similarly, In Perjury I suggest that the first application should be very short & to the point. Pls check my post named one short allegation It should be just a half page criminal application type of application presented to the court. See above link. Of course, now it will be in the hands of the court to take SANGYAAN i.e., suo moto action against your opp g@ng, but later on you can give your arguments based upon the developments in the case. THE IDEA IS:- Keep the ball rolling. Do NOT get the Perjury Application die at Lower Court level itself. STEPS:- (1) File Very Short Perjury Application w/o any judgment etc. (2) After that seeing the reply of opp g@ng or if judge directly takes action/no-action then file applications on it's basis. HINT:- Instead of pouring your PANDARA just keep everything in bag. Tell something very short (ONE SHORT ALLEGATION) say she stole money with criminal intent & this was the intent. After that as application moves be ready to move applications after applications to keep it alive in lower court itself. Thanks & Regards Atur Chatur Mahatma Gandhi said, "IF YOU DON'T ASK, YOU DON'T GET" Atur Chatur says, "WHAT YOU WILL ASK, THAT YOU WILL GET" PERJURY = WIFE & HER LAWYER CONTRADICTING EACH OTHER Perjury = Wife & Lawyer Contradicting each other Friends, Pls do NOT use these judgments below as I have NOT thoroughly gone through these. The idea is to tell you that, Perjury applies also if wife & her lawyer contradict each other. “Court had put the parties to notice that it would hear the parties on the issue of perjury arising from the contradictory statements of the plaintiff and his attorney” Mahant Surinder Nath Thru His ... vs Union Of India (Uoi) And Ors. on 12 December, 2007 Perjury must be deliberately done to misled court/justice thereby material loss to opp p@rty Another Case:- “the mere fact that a person made contradictory statements in his deposition is not a sufficient ground for his prosecution for perjury. It is further to be found that such contradictory statements were conscious and were made deliberately in order to thwart the administration of justice or to obstruct the Court in coming to a correct conclusion. In other words, the Court has to consider and come to a finding that the prosecution is expedient and necessary in the interest of justice.” Arguments by Wife's Lawyer & Husband's Response thereon Shri Jiten Bhalla vs Ms.Gaytri Bajaj on 8 September, 2008 "judgment will not be set aside upon mere proof that the judgment was obtained by perjury." 31. In Mrs.Savitri Ahuja vs. Hari Mehta AIR 1964 Punjab 487 (V 51 C 160) it was held that; "It is a fundamental principle that an order or decree of a Court can be displaced on ground of fraud only when it is extrinsic or collateral to anything which has been adjudicated upon." Mahatma Gandhi said, "IF YOU DON'T ASK, YOU DON'T GET" Atur Chatur says, "WHAT YOU WILL ASK, THAT YOU WILL GET" If any help needed then please contact:- man cell delhi is available 24 hours at our permanent email id aturchatur(at)yahoo(dot)com moblie :- +91-9873540498 email:- web:-
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