Who has O mergulho do paulista on the Collection

  • Ayala de Oliveira Melo

    Ayala de Oliveira Melo

    I'm a dreamer. I love writing and reading, one day I want live like a full writer and this is my biggest dream. I love mostly romantic fantasy writing, write a lot about shifters and really feel at ease when I do that. I'm always open to criticism and new readings, so be sure to talk with me! I am Brazilian and write in Portuguese and English. I have a facebook group, between you too: https://www.facebook.com/groups/232844530231536/ Be welcome =D

  • Gabriel Custódio

    Gabriel Custódio

    Widbooker, and glad to be part of this with all of you. Any question or help with the platform, let me know! ;)

  • jagadeesh krishnan

    jagadeesh krishnan

    i am jagadeesh krishnan pursuing PhD Psychology, trainer of the yoga,Meditation,Tantra, Telepathic, Hypnosis Psychological counselor SHORT AUTHOR BIO: K.Jagadeesh is perusing the PhD Psychology,(M.Phil) psychology, M.A.Psychology ,M.A. Hindi, B.A.Tamil literature, (B.sc) maths,and FCT in NIFT Chennai, and also finished praveenuttrath(Hindi). Trainer of yoga and meditation, tantra more than 25 years. He is also successfully running his own psychological counseling center past several years,

  • Dayse Freitas

    Dayse Freitas

    Formada em direito, passei por diversas experiencias profissionais e atualmente atuando como Consultoria de Negócios Imobiliários. Com muitas idéias, pretendo trazer e compartilhar meus escritos, minhas fotos, minhas telas, minhas vivências, e havendo boa receptividade pelos leitores, fazer cada vez mais, com amor e felicidade, sempre! :-D

  • Santinha Lopes

    Santinha Lopes

  • Gabriela Loschi

    Gabriela Loschi

    When I was studying and the teacher said: everybody brings books for the next class and we will exchange to read during the weekend, I was the person who was most excited about the date our class would become a place where every student had his or her own library.

  • Flavia Ferraro

    Flavia Ferraro