Who has Odd Vampire Out on the Collection

  • Cynthia Walker

    Cynthia Walker

  • Sierra Gilbert

    Sierra Gilbert

  • Wolf Redflame

    Wolf Redflame

  • Samantha Pavey

    Samantha Pavey

  • blackink


    Studying for a BA in Graphic Design. I am interested on getting my stories published in the future that is why I am posting some of them on the Internet so that I'll hear what other people think. English isn't my mother language so there may be some mistakes in my stories but I'm working on it. I'm actually editing Dark Academy now. You can find my stories on other sites too. Visit my blog: blackinkwrites.blogspot.com

  • Anna Weigle

    Anna Weigle

  • Tinanina 993

    Tinanina 993

    My name is Tijana (the J is silent)! I'm 22, just a hopeless, artistic soul. Obviously, I have an insane obsession brought on by 5 incredibly idiotic young men, whom I will love until the day I die! You guessed it right! It's ONE DIRECTION! duh...:) There are so many fandoms I'm in, I can't list them all (and it's really frustrating). All in all, even though my body is getting older, my soul isn't and I have a feeling I will really be forever young. Just as it should be.

  • Hana Mohamed

    Hana Mohamed

    Hi there

  • Yanushka


  • Samara Sibbles

    Samara Sibbles