Who has Painless on the Collection

  • Kerryanna renae

    Kerryanna renae

  • Charlotte L Cotson

    Charlotte L Cotson

    I love writing, I have one completed novel, 'Finding Kate'. I'm posting reach chapter as I briefly edit them. When I have plenty of feedback etc, I'll move onto editing the story more thoroughly. I have nearly finished my second novel, 'Growing pains'. I'm really excited about it, and it's still a drama, tragedy romance book. I've written three books for this series. The third book is plotted and ready to be written as soon as possible.

  • laavannia_03


  • Blaiz Bishop

    Blaiz Bishop

    I'm a very depressed person. I am highly anti-social. The internet is my best friend. I don't like very many people. I love music. Music is my life. Well i'm gonna go now cuz I don't like people knowing about me. So byeee. :)