Who has The Girl He Left Behind on the Collection

  • C_Dallas1994


    I love Sammy Wilk and Skate Maloley!!! I love reading, biking, swimming, and pretty much anything fun. My dad is Patrick Jones married to Sandra Jones. They have 2 kids together Cayden and Adalynne. My mom is Jennifer Shaffer married to Jerry Shaffer who has 4 kids Ariel Trinity Xavier and Logan. Magcon is life. Anyone who says otherwise... Well, come see me then. People say 'What's the point in liking Magcon if you'll never meet them' And I say 'What's the point in breathing you'll die anyway!

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    Etika Widyawati

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    Allie Groves

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    Kelsey Toledo

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    Bridget Matheson

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    Crystal Ferguson

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    Charlotte L Cotson

    I love writing, I have one completed novel, 'Finding Kate'. I'm posting reach chapter as I briefly edit them. When I have plenty of feedback etc, I'll move onto editing the story more thoroughly. I have nearly finished my second novel, 'Growing pains'. I'm really excited about it, and it's still a drama, tragedy romance book. I've written three books for this series. The third book is plotted and ready to be written as soon as possible.

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    Ashton North