Who has The Killers Or Not on the Collection

  • Caroll Sillva

    Caroll Sillva

  • Ayala de Oliveira Melo

    Ayala de Oliveira Melo

    I'm a dreamer. I love writing and reading, one day I want live like a full writer and this is my biggest dream. I love mostly romantic fantasy writing, write a lot about shifters and really feel at ease when I do that. I'm always open to criticism and new readings, so be sure to talk with me! I am Brazilian and write in Portuguese and English. I have a facebook group, between you too: https://www.facebook.com/groups/232844530231536/ Be welcome =D

  • Naralos


    Professor de língua inglesa e literatura, articulista e cronista da Taberna da Centopeia Perneta, autor das Memórias de um Paladino e amante das boas maneiras.