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CHAPTER THREE TODAY PEOPLE The most powerful people who run the world are today people. Unfortunately such people are rare to find. Their ability to command and construct the future in the present gives them advantage to control both the past and future. They plan for the future with their past and present in perspective. Today people also have power to control choices, decisions, and events. They grab the little opportunities that present themselves each day, and make good use of any little available resource at hand. They see each day as a gift and make every moment count. Life is structured on living one day at a time. So do not despise the immediate and jump into the ultimate. The realization of the ultimate reclines on the immediate. Better still, to see the future from the present, we must optimize the present. Edwin Bliss, an American author wrote: 'Yesterday is a cancelled check: Forget it. Tomorrow is a promissory note: Don't count on it. Today is ready cash: Use it.' Today is the best moment of life. The expectation of tomorrow becomes a mirage if today is wasted. Today people are often engaged in doing something with their lives now. If they take any decision, they act swiftly weighing all pros and cons. No wonder they have a resolute spirit, staying power and stick ability. They believe that the only time they have is today. Hence plan and act promptly. This helps them to achieve success and be ahead of their counterparts. Today people are not 'get rich fast'. Neither are they fond of quick fixes. They know the rules of success, and are always determined to take calculated risks and seize every moment as it presents itself. Ironically, they are also tomorrow and yesterday people in a positive sense because they possess the ability to tap into the past to maximize their present, which prepares them for the future. Besides, to see the future before one gets there, one must stand on the shoulders of the past and present. The delay of fulfilling today's assignment delays and enshrouds the realities of guaranteeing a better tomorrow. The present therefore is the foundation for destiny. The future begins today. Today is the future of tomorrow; therefore, those who can buy today can live tomorrow. When today becomes a reality, tomorrow is just a formality. To make tomorrow a possibility, today must be a reality. Today is a window for tomorrow. Whatever it takes to fulfill destiny, is in your power, and you must begin it now. The future is in the present. Whatever you do with it now determines how life turns out. Therefore take decisions and actions that are relevant to your future. To achieve this, be disciplined and focused. Maximize time, cut needless activities, evaluate your achievements, and prime yourself for the future. Often, because we are not ready to face our present challenges head-on we postpone confronting them to a later time, which actually compounds and weakens our ability to handle them. To cast it another way, the challenges we fail to confront and conquer today wait for us tomorrow as an unpleasant experience. The present challenges are relevant for tomorrow's glory. Every predicament of life is in the present. The future holds our manifestation; the present holds our challenges. Paul once said, For I reckon that the suffering of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. Romans 8.18. Difficulties are only realistic in the present and it is fleeting. But it cannot be compared with the glory of the future, if we understand its role in life. David buttressed this point thus, 'God is our very present help in trouble,' Psalm 46.1. He is not a future helper, but a present help. He may not help tomorrow people because they have no problems. They are only waiting for tomorrow to start living. Today people receive help to conquer their challenges, which prepares them of a better tomorrow. In short whilst today people face challenges squarely, tomorrow people are faced by challenges! Ironically, in Luke 22.42, Jesus displayed an attitude of both tomorrow and a today people to teach us a salient lesson. He said: Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: never- theless not my will, but thine, be done. In other words, 'Father, let's defer this arrangement until a later time.' Why did He say that? Because of the pain He had to go through. Tomorrow people always avoid the pains of the present, but want to enjoy the gains of the future. This is not how it works. Upon a second thought Jesus changed His confession, '.not my will, but thine, be done.' This also connotes, 'Lord, let's do it now as planned.' Even though Jesus prayed a tomorrow people's prayer, He exemplified today people's attitude, which was a significant mark of His life. Everything we desire or need ?salvation, money, marriage, success, power, or opportunity is enshrouded in the present. The present is God's gift to us. That is why it is called the present. The Bible says that God declares the end from the beginning. Our destiny is already guaranteed, but we have to start living it now. Most people, who cannot recognize the power of today, are not prudent to achieve the future. We serve a today God who is current and relevant. He will forever be a today God. The book of Hebrews 3.7-8 says, Wherefore..Today if ye hear his voice.Harden not your heart. God speaks to the human race on daily basis, but most people hardly hear this call. Those who do, most often do not response to Him, simply because of the pressures of life. God knows we humans are tomorrow prone. Therefore to relate with us, He presents Himself as today God. When He commands us to do something now, He expects us to act immediately and obediently. 'No man ever served God by doing things tomorrow. If we honour Christ, and are blessed, it is by the things, which we do today,' said Francis Quarles an English author. If we fail to act now it weakens our ability to act tomorrow. More so, it even makes the job more difficult and time consuming. The Bible reveals Caleb as an epitome of a today person. When Moses sent the twelve tribes of Israel to spy the Promise Land, upon return, two of the spies gave a brilliant report. The majority said that they could not possess the land because the people were too powerful to be conquered. This group of people could be pigeonholed into two classes: today and tomorrow people. The ten who said they could not possess the land were fearful, faithless, and fickle. They chose to go back to Egypt and die in slavery than to go to Canaan and fight for their freedom. Since they were not ready to confront today's challenges they had no glory to hope for in the future. Little wonder they all died in the wilderness. Oh Moses! They missed the experience that every opposition brings about a new position and location. In Numbers 13.30 something, however, happened after the tomorrow people had given their report. And Caleb stilled the people.and said, Let us go up at once and possess it: for we are well able to overcome it. Caleb who had a proactive spirit dared the people to see the challenge as positive and conquerable. Today people indeed are adventurous, strident and confident under any given situation. If you are a leader of any group of people, this concept is pivotal. Tomorrow people can be found in any organization, school, ministry and the like. They have all the ragbag of reasons something cannot work, and should not be ventured, and they sound convincing. How to identify today people Almost all successful people are today people. Today people are: 1. Principle-centered. Today people live by the values and rules of life. They do not premise their lives on luck. Those who structure their existence on luck get locked and stuck! Today people understand the law of reciprocation: Whatever you give life today returns it tomorrow in a multiple measure. Therefore principle driven people do not live under pressure. They always fulfil tomorrow's assignment today. They are princes because they are principled. They live by the higher laws of life, which are encapsulated in the Holy Book. They value and use time judiciously. What they put in their present gives them edge over the future. Today people carefully plan their live to succeed and success they are. 2. Action-oriented. Today people believe that waiting is a trap. So they do not live wishfully thinking that something good will happen. They know how to get what they want out of life. They are realistic and todayristic. They appreciate God for giving them legs; hands, ideas, brains, mouth, eyes, and energy. Hence they use it judiciously to live successful and contented lives. Life favours the principle-minded and movement driven people. The ability to do something meaningful each day creates the future. Today people therefore have pride to make a difference by concentrating their energies on achievement. 3. Risk-driven. They do not fear to fail because they are mentally prepared to take up challenges that life throws against them. They know what to do in any moment of situation. They are tough and strong to make up their mind and act. No wonder success favors them. The story is told in Esther 4 that when Haman the enemy of God's people threatened to kill all the Jews at a time, Esther dared to salvage the situation when Mordecai, her uncle called upon her to intervene. She acted immediately and successfully to avert that plot. American renowned psychologist William James said, 'If you are going to change your life, you need to start immediately.' Today people do not have all the time at their disposal to make a decision and take risks. They take a stand and always prepared to put their life on the line. In other words they do not wait for things to mess up before they response. They mesmerize things before things mess them up! Esther took a risk instead of allowing risk to take hold of her! Life is structured on risk-taking. Fear of taking risk exposes us to more risks. If the four lepers in second Kings 7 had not taken a risk, they could have died. Many who took risks never died, but rather those who did not died. Today is the biggest of your moments. Seize the day and dare to venture into something you have often been scared to do. Be a today people!
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