Who has The Tomato Soup on the Collection

  • Seyf Aysha

    Seyf Aysha

  • Legend-S94


    books books books That's how I love my life. I want to be locked in a room with millions of bookshelves and pens and papers.. Hope you are not disappointed by my writing :)

  • Claudine Logrado

    Claudine Logrado

  • Robson Dianel

    Robson Dianel


  • Renata Rosario

    Renata Rosario

    Trivia:What does Romance and Roman Empire got in common? They both rely heavily on "slaves" and whimper audibly when facing barbarian raw, brutal force[end of trivia] An author that specializes in writing suspenseful stories, keeping your mind on edge on every page LOLM (laughing out loud maniacally) You can also find my works on http://www.kludia.com (a dedicated website with dialog switch feature)



    The writer has completed her B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering and now preparing for M.Tech.She has keen interest in promoting Islam among common masses.Her book "The Way Of Living" is a small step to pursue her dream to propagate Islam.She also write fictions for a breezy wind of change in this world with sweet and soulful message in them.Don't just read her books but also think on them and do give sincere feedback regarding her books.

  • Paulo Pereira de Araujo

    Paulo Pereira de Araujo

    Tenho cinco livros publicados no Widebook. "O mergulho do paulista", com texto e ilustrações; "Mulher, capital de risco", texto teatral; "Imensidão azul", crônicas e "Cartas marcadas" que comecei a publicar em capítulos no final de julho, "Lucas e Léo, amigos pra dedéu" e "The amazing brothers", infantis e cheios de desenhos.