Who has True Tales of a Teenager on the Collection

  • Breeshantay S.

    Breeshantay S.

    I am a twenty-three (23) year old female who writes to survive. I am working on two projects right now, two novels: COMEBACK and THE HOMELESS GIRL. I'll post a little bit of these at a time because I am still in the process of writing both. For more information about these two novels, write me. I hope you enjoy what I write and share it with your friends.

  • Francesca Lamparelli

    Francesca Lamparelli

  • Thanu Bala

    Thanu Bala

  • Sammy Plahm

    Sammy Plahm

  • kanishka rawat

    kanishka rawat

  • Neeraj Dhir

    Neeraj Dhir

  • Adelin Brooks

    Adelin Brooks

    Hi all! I love writing (obviously. That's why I'm on here) Five hundred characters to describe myself. Well, I play trombone in marching band, and know a few other instruments, and am learning more. Some of my favorite bands are Imagine Dragons, One Republic, Passenger, Plain White T's, and Panic at the Disco. I have a wattpad account as well, so just tell me if you have one too!

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